App-Based Parenting

Parenting apps are becoming popular to help with various tasks, including scheduling and mental health, as people are more open to using apps for various aspects of their daily life.

This trend originates from the report:

TREND HUNTER - Trend Report 2023

App-Based Parenting: Businesses offer parenting apps that go beyond raising infants. While parents have access to apps that help them raise infants, apps that help users with parenting throughout their children's many developmental stages are just now becoming popular. These apps help caregivers with everything from scheduling to prioritizing their kids' mental health.

Consumers' use of apps to help support their daily lives is so common that it's now second nature--with everything from banking to basic household controls now being available through apps. The convenience this offers consumers makes them open to the other areas of their lives that can be streamlined through apps--including everything from mental health to parenting..