AI Influence

AI Influence. AI influencers are changing the game in influencer marketing, they offering unique opportunities for brands to engage with audiences in new and creative ways. By investing in the appeal and storytelling behind AI characters, brands can create meaningful connections and solve problems while complementing a spectrum of human influencers. With the ability to evolve and adapt, AI influencers can offer full-funnel brand influence as ambassadors, artists, consultants, and advocates.

This trend originates from the report:

OGILVY - Influencer Trends 2023

AI Influence. Artificial influencers are becoming real, supplementing influencer marketing. They can be created from scratch, like Lu of Magalu, or based on real personalities, like Ho Ngoc Ha for VP Bank.

And for brands who are working with existing ambassadors, it can be an opportunity for new forms of connections and engagement. The depth and complexity of AI influencers is mind blowing. They can have emotional interactions, like Imma fighting with her brother Zinn, to having their own aspirations, beliefs and dreams.

In the age of authenticity, inclusivity and sustainability, AI influencers can embody and drive real purpose. In 2015, there were just 9 recorded AI influencers - today there are over 200. Now is the time for AI technology to scale, evolve, and provide extraordinary new opportunities.

The enhanced creative possibilities, personalized storytelling, connections, real time engagement and lower costs all contribute to their rising appeal. People are also more comfortable with virtual worlds, and there is overall a greater acceptance and willingness to engage with virtual humans. But where did it all kick off? Noonouri, a fashion icon, vegan, and activist, is known for being vocal and highly empathetic on a number of issues.

She is big on sustainable fashion and has taken a strong stand to support Ukraine. Kami, the first virtual influencer with Down Syndrome, is getting people to better understand those with the condition. Brands can create intricate AI personas, which can further be shaped by the environment and the community around them.

The real edge resides not only in the potential for endless evolution, but also in that they could be less risky than real humans; no contract, no going off brand, and no limitations. Their success and appeal lie in their uniqueness, what they stand for, and the level of personalisation they can deliver. How can brands leverage this trend PERSONALITIES BEYOND CHATBOT.

Invest in the appeal and creativity behind your characters’ stories to relate to audiences ― elevating human interest and connection in day-to-day conversations. SOLVE PROBLEMS, NOT PUSH PRODUCTS. AI Influencers complement a spectrum of human influencers to solve problems, not push products.

Humanizing real impact is achieved by using empathy to meet your audiences’ challenges. TIMELESS COMPLEMENT. AI Influencers have a role outside of one-off posts and conversational novelty.

MULTI-FACETED CAPABILITIES. We can create an AI influencer who starts off as a brand ambassador – before evolving into artist, then consultant, and finally brand advocate - enabling full-funnel brand influence..