AI Gets Smarter

AI Gets Smarter. AI is transforming the digital marketing landscape, giving marketers increased power and efficiency. AI-powered tools such as content idea generators, personalized email campaigns, and image analysis technology are streamlining marketing operations and providing valuable insights. In 2023, incorporating AI into your marketing strategy will be essential for staying ahead in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

This trend originates from the report:

Vertigo - Digital Marketing Trends ‘23

Artificial Intelligence. Another one of the digital marketing trends to watch in 2023 is, the increasing use of AI in digital marketing. Marketers have always had immense power over consumers and society.

With AI, this power grows. Currently, AI technology is being used to: Generate fresh content ideas by copy/paste keywords and topics into content idea generator which runs on the OpenAI network. Identify patterns in customer behavior to create personalized email marketing campaigns or targeted ads.

Create a catchy headline based on the information in the article. Automate the capturing, processing, and analyzing of real-world images and videos, improving image quality and developing digital twins. Write an article within 30 minutes with the help of blog post story generator, which gives you a title, an intro and an outline — which you can all use as drafts and ideas.

With AI, marketing operations will become more efficient, allowing marketers to allocate budgets and resources toward activities that contribute to a more dynamic marketing organization. If you haven't incorporated AI into your marketing strategy yet, it's definitely worth doing in 2023..