Wellness Tech Gets Personal

Wellness Tech Gets Personal. The focus on wellness is shifting towards personalized nutrition and AI-powered health solutions. The medical industry will place more emphasis on metabolic and microbiome health, with new innovations in health data analysis and personalized nutrition. As people take charge of their health, simple health checks and personalized advice from experts will become more popular, with AI delivering information through video Q&A's, infographics, or real-time expert advice.

This trend originates from the report:

Holland & Barret - Wellness Trends Report 2023

Wellness Tech Gets Personal. Think personalized nutrition and AI for health. People are increasingly aware of their immune health as a holistic matter.

Age, sex, infection history and genetics can all affect our immune system, while the food we eat, sleep and stress levels, plus microbiome health, can all support our immune responses. We’ll see the medical world putting more focus on metabolic and microbiome health. We expect more breakthroughs in understanding the powerful effects of the microbiome and diet on the immune system and how to apply this knowledge to develop therapies, testing platforms and personalized nutrition models.

From patches tracking dietary biomarkers to using carbon levels in the breath to determine metabolic function, the future is all about using health data for optimum health. Health tech innovation is also becoming more focused on key target groups, such as those suffering from, or at risk of, chronic conditions. And it’s not just the preserve of athletes or the young.

In Japan and the Netherlands over-60s are trialling nutrition advice based on blood and DNA tests. SPOTLIGHT ON SPERM HEALTH. Sperm health checks are growing in popularity as a general health marker for men, with advances in technology making it easier for men to monitor.

Regular checks for volume, motility and concentration are being used as a marker of vitality and not just fertility. Supplements and changes in lifestyle can help to support sperm health* and we’re seeing more social media conversation around this topic.“As pressure on the UK health system continues, people will be taking charge of their health.

We predict a rise in popularity for simple health checks carried out at in-store consultation rooms or at home, backed up with actionable support. ai is transforming how information is delivered, through personalized video Q&A’s and infographics or old-fashioned advice from an expert in real time, in person or on a device.” Dr.

Tarlochan Toor, Director of Wellness Innovation, Holland & Barrett.