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Interactive content. It’s a crucial tool for marketers to capture consumer attention and engagement in an era of endless scrolling. Major social platforms have invested in interactive features, giving marketers more opportunities to attract engagement. In 2023, innovation in AR will drive conversions and brands will capitalize on physical, interactive experiences to differentiate themselves and stay ahead of the algorithm.

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Meltwater - 2023 Marketing Trends Guide

Interactive Content. In the era of endless scrolling, marketers need interactive content more than ever to capture consumer attention and engagement. That fact was clear throughout 2022 as top social platforms continued investing in features to help bring entertainment and shopping experiences to users wherever they may be.

TikTok introduced interactive add- ons, Twitter started testing interactive ads, and Spotify rolled out clickable CTAs to accompany podcast ads — all giving marketers more opportunities to attract engagement from each platform’s dedicated user bases. Meanwhile, marketers and brands have become more innovative about deploying interactive content that makes consumers feel engaged and seen. Some standout examples include Google Search’s look back at its history and, of course, Spotify’s annual, personalized Wrapped campaign.

Notably, interactive content is more closely wedded with social commerce with each passing day. For example, Snap rolled out shoppable AR lenses in 2022, beginning with ones from MAC and Ulta that let users “try on” cosmetics and immediately buy them. 2023 will see even more innovation in how marketers use AR to drive conversions.

Across platforms, brands continued innovating with evergreen favorites like branded filters. One popular example is Fenty Beauty’s contour filter created with influencer Grace M. Choi.

Outside of custom branded ones, filters play major parts in Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat trends, offering another avenue for brands to connect and communicate with their audiences. However, 2023 won’t just be about digital interactive experiences. Capitalizing on the value of “IRL” experiences, brands will have a wealth of opportunities to deploy physical, interactive, UGC-inspiring content in brick-and-mortar locations and public spaces.